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Multilevel Wavelet Decomposition Network for Interpretable Time Series Analysis

This repository is code release for time series classification task of our recent KDD2018 paper.

The code is based on Tensorflow and other basic python packages.

We only tested the code on Ubuntu 16.04 with python 2.7 and TensorFLow 1.2, a GPU with at least 4GB memory is recommanded.


Before running the code, modify the line 65 of to let the DATA_ROOT points to the path to UCR dataset on your machine.

To start a demo on training yoga data of UCR dataset, simply run the following command:

python --gpu 0 --log_dir log_demo_yoga

The code is designed to automatically save the best model parameters.

You may try other args by adding them to the command, for details please refer to:

python --help


If you find our work is helpful for your research, please kindly consider citing our paper as well.

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