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import bpy
from bpy.props import *
from ... events import propertyChanged
from ... data_structures import DoubleList
from ... base_types import AnimationNode, VectorizedSocket
modeItems = [
("ALL", "All", "Get weight of every vertex", "NONE", 0),
("INDEX", "Index", "Get weight of a specific vertex", "NONE", 1)
groupIdentifierTypeItems = [
("INDEX", "Index", "Get vertex group based on the index", "NONE", 0),
("NAME", "Name", "Get vertex group based on the name", "NONE", 1)
groupNotFoundMessage = "group not found"
noMeshMessage = "no mesh object"
noSceneMessage = "scene required"
class VertexGroupInputNode(bpy.types.Node, AnimationNode):
bl_idname = "an_VertexGroupInputNode"
bl_label = "Vertex Group Input"
errorHandlingType = "EXCEPTION"
mode: EnumProperty(name = "Mode", default = "ALL",
items = modeItems, update = AnimationNode.refresh)
groupIdentifierType: EnumProperty(name = "Group Identifier Type", default = "INDEX",
items = groupIdentifierTypeItems, update = AnimationNode.refresh)
useIndexList: VectorizedSocket.newProperty()
def create(self):
self.newInput("Object", "Object", "object", defaultDrawType = "PROPERTY_ONLY")
if self.groupIdentifierType == "INDEX":
self.newInput("Integer", "Group Index", "groupIndex")
elif self.groupIdentifierType == "NAME":
self.newInput("Text", "Name", "groupName")
if self.mode == "INDEX":
self.newInput(VectorizedSocket("Integer", "useIndexList",
("Index", "index"), ("Indices", "indices")))
self.newOutput(VectorizedSocket("Float", "useIndexList",
("Weight", "weight"), ("Weights", "weights")))
elif self.mode == "ALL":
self.newInput("Boolean", "Use Modifiers", "useModifiers", value = False)
self.newInput("Scene", "Scene", "scene", hide = True)
self.newOutput("Float List", "Weights", "weights")
def draw(self, layout):
layout.prop(self, "mode", text = "")
def drawAdvanced(self, layout):
layout.prop(self, "groupIdentifierType", text = "Type")
def getExecutionFunctionName(self):
if self.mode == "INDEX":
if self.useIndexList:
return "execute_Indices"
return "execute_Index"
elif self.mode == "ALL":
return "execute_All"
def execute_Index(self, object, identifier, index):
if object is None:
return 0
vertexGroup = self.getVertexGroup(object, identifier)
if vertexGroup is None:
try: return vertexGroup.weight(index)
except: return 0
def execute_Indices(self, object, identifier, indices):
vertexGroup = self.getVertexGroup(object, identifier)
if vertexGroup is None:
if object is not None:
return DoubleList()
weights = DoubleList(length = len(indices))
getWeight = vertexGroup.weight
for i, index in enumerate(indices):
try: weights[i] = getWeight(index)
except: weights[i] = 0
return weights
def execute_All(self, object, identifier, useModifiers, *optionalScene):
if object is None:
return DoubleList()
if object.type != "MESH":
vertexGroup = self.getVertexGroup(object, identifier)
if vertexGroup is None:
if useModifiers:
return self.execute_All_WithModifiers(object, vertexGroup, optionalScene[0])
return self.execute_All_WithoutModifiers(object, vertexGroup)
def execute_All_WithoutModifiers(self, object, vertexGroup):
vertexAmount = len(
weights = DoubleList(length = vertexAmount)
getWeight = vertexGroup.weight
for i in range(vertexAmount):
try: weights[i] = getWeight(i)
except: weights[i] = 0
return weights
def execute_All_WithModifiers(self, object, vertexGroup, scene):
if scene is None:
mesh = = True)
index = vertexGroup.index
weights = DoubleList(length = len(mesh.vertices))
for i, vertex in enumerate(mesh.vertices):
for vertexGroupElement in vertex.groups:
if == index:
weights[i] = vertexGroupElement.weight
if mesh.users == 0: object.to_mesh_clear()
return weights
def getVertexGroup(self, object, identifier):
try: return object.vertex_groups[identifier]
except: return None
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