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Animation Nodes Manual

Welcome to the official manual of Animation Nodes (AN).

AN is a node based visual scripting system designed for motion graphics in Blender.

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External Links

  • Github Issues: A place where you can report bugs, suggest features, ask for help and have general discuss about Animation Nodes.
  • Stack Exchange: A place where you can use the animation-nodes tag to ask question related to animation nodes and get support from the big community of Blender.SE.
  • Blender Artists Thread: A place where you can share your work, ask question and have general discuss about Animation Nodes.


Below is a list of all known Animation Nodes tutorials creators. Do you create tutorials? Let us know !

Creator Contents Notes
Jacques Lucke Videos The developer of Animation Nodes.
Blender Diplom Videos  
Videos (German)  
Jimmy Gunawan Articles  
Videos Live Noding.
Local Guru Blends Only blend files and results are provided.
LollypopMan Videos  
ONELVXE Studio Videos  
Zach Hixson Videos  
BIG3 Videos  
Thinking Penguin Videos  
Miesner Media Videos  
Omar Ahmad Articles  


If you like Animation Nodes and want to support its development, you can donate through: