Popular themepack for Brackets. Before official theme support, this extension also added that feature
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Themes for Brackets

Themes for Brackets was originally an extension which brought themes to the Brackets editor before it had native support for themes. Now Themes for Brackets is a collection of great themes that style all of the Brackets window.

How to install

Installing Themes for Brackets is easy. All you have to do is this:

  • file -> extension manager..., or click the lego brick icon in the right toolbar
  • Click the tab called "available"
  • Type "themes" in the top right search bar
  • Locate "Themes for Brackets" and click the install button next to it

If you are having trouble installing the extension that way, you can follow theses steps instead (the first approach is to be preffered)


  • Line numbers are looking weird or scrollbars are not styled/have dissapeared
  • Try hitting F5 (Save changes before doing so!).

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Please open an issue.

Contact and contributing your own theme

If you want to add a theme or would like to talk to me for some other reason, please send me a mail at jacsebl@hotmail.com. You are also very welcome to open a pull request.

List of themes

  • Ambiance
    Ambiance theme
  • Brunante
    Brunante theme
  • Carbon blue
    Carbon blue theme
  • Dark soda
    Dark soda theme
  • Dracula
    Dracula theme
  • Idle fingers
    Idle fingers theme
  • Light table
    Light table theme
  • Mbo
    Mbo theme
  • Night sky
    Night sky theme
  • Obsidian
    Obsidian theme
  • Peacock
    Peacock theme
  • Rubyblue
    Rubyblue theme
  • Solarized dark
    Solarized dark theme
  • Stone age
    Stone age theme
  • Sunburst
    Sunburst theme
  • Wombat
    Wombat theme
  • Zenburn
    Zenburn theme