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Fetches amount and value of privately held Ethereum address via and returns it as a security.
This can be also be used to track your cold storage.

MoneyMoney screenshot with Ethereum Balance

Extension Setup

You can get a signed version of this extension from

Once downloaded, move Ether.lua to your MoneyMoney Extensions folder.

Note: This extension requires MoneyMoney Version 2.2.18 or newer.

Account Setup


  1. Setup an account on
  2. Go to My API-Key | Developer
  3. Click on "Create Api Key" Button
  4. Copy the Api-Key


Add a new account (type "Ether").
Use your Ethererum adresses coma seperated as user name
0x661d60c7D102aDd7d4D209911CFE146f1a065B23, 0x535367bc1f62049dd1705bc872591f7da2a7d8d8 (example)

Use your API-Key as password

MoneyMoney screenshot account setup