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Kompose UI is a web interface for Kompose. It helps people easily switch from docker-compose to Kubernetes by converting the YAML files.

Here is a live demo for the project

Using kompose UI

You can either use the docker image from docker hub or run the project locally

Use the Docker Image

  • Pull the Image
docker pull jadcham/komposeui:latest
  • Run the container
docker run -it --name komposeui -p 8000:8000 jadcham/komposeui

That's it ! Happy converting.

Run the Project locally

  • Install the requirements
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Install Kompose on your machine

Check the Kompose Installation Guide

  • Make sure kompose is properly installed
kompose version
  • Prepare the database
python makemigrations
python migrate
  • Run django
python runserver

Contributions and Support

Issues: If you find an issue or want to suggest a feature file an issue here.

Contributions: If you want to contribute to the project make a pull request.

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