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New feature introduced in version 1.2 allows administrators to display dynamic minification statistics on every page.

To enable this feature go to HTML Minification settings on your administrative dashboard, scroll down to Statistics Info Window Pattern. This textarea allows you to input any HTML and fill data in using tokens for maximum customization.

Since I've been unable to determine whether webserver has dynamic compression enabled or not. You'll have to determine whether your site is using uncompressed or gzipped output.

Token Example Description
{CompressionRatio} 79.4 % Size ratio compared to unminified output.*
{SavedInPercent} 20.6 % How much was output minified in percentage.*
{MinificationDuration} 2ms How long it took minifier to process the output.
{OriginalSize} 7.15 KB Size of the page before minification.*
{MinifiedSize} 5.68 KB Size of the page after minification.*
{Saved} 1.48 KB Size of stripped down redundancy.*

* - Gzipped version available, just prefix token with Gzip- like {Gzip-CompressionRatio}

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