generates ppm signal to interface with an RC transmitter
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rosppm is a ROS package which enables ROS to interface with an mcu that generates ppm signal to interface with an RC transmitter.


  • Transmit Channel values to the transmitter using the trainer port
  • Receive stick values from the transmitter coming out of the trainer port
  • Arm the autopilot using usb2ppm_ros (Work in progress)


Currently tested transmitters follow as below, but in principle will be compatible with most ppm compatible transmitters when followed proper wiring.

More instructions are presented in the following link

Running the code

rosrun rosserial_python _port:=/dev/ttyACM1 _baud:115200

Launching rosppm

The simplest way to see if usb2ppm is properly working is to use roslaunch First, launch the roscore in a new terminal window:


Next, in a new terminal, run the usb2ppm send_Tx launch file which subscribes channel values and publish it to the transmitter

roslaunch rosppm send_Tx.launch

For receiving the transmitter channel values, launch the read_Tx launch file which publishes the channel values of the stick inputs of the transmitter

roslaunch rosppm read_Tx.launch

Finally, to watch the published values from the transmitter, in a new terminal.

rostopic echo /rosppm/channels


Installing Dependencies

  • rosserial

To run rosppm package rosserial is used to allow the mcu to communicate with roscore

sudo apt-get install ros-{ROS-DISTRO}-rosserial-arduino
sudo apt-get install ros-{ROS-DISTRO}-rosserial

Tutorial for rosserial can be found in the rosserial wiki

Installing rosppm

Install rosppm package by placing the code in the source folder in catkin_ws

cd <catkin_workspace>/src
git clone
cd <catkin_workspace>
catkin build  rosppm