Starting application for the Phalcon Framework
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Phalcon Single Module

This is a starting application for the Phalcon Framework. I tried to implement the basic features to showcase the framework and its potential.

Please email me if you have any feedback.



The master branch will always contain the latest stable version.

Get Started


To run this application on your machine, you need at least:

  • = PHP 5.5

  • = Phalcon 3.0

  • Apache Web Server with mod_rewrite enabled, and AllowOverride Options (or All) in your httpd.conf or Nginx Web Server
  • Latest Phalcon Framework extension installed/enabled
  • MySQL >= 5.1.5

Then you'll need to create the database and initialize schema ():

echo 'CREATE DATABASE phalcon-single' | mysql -u [mysql_username] -p [mysql_password]
cat schemas/phalcon-single.sql | mysql -u [mysql_username] -p [mysql_password] phalcon-single

Installing Dependencies via Composer

Dependencies must be installed using Composer. Install composer in a common location or in your project:

curl -s | php

Run the composer installer:

cd phalcon-single
php composer.phar install

Improving this Sample

Phalcon is an open source project and a volunteer effort. If you want something to be improved or you want a new feature please submit a Pull Request.


phalcon-single is open-sourced software licensed under the New BSD License.

Own Experience

I Used this framework in Mihanmag, Bekhan and Kashkol