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Develop cross-plattform MVU GUI Applications using F# and Avalonia!
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Develop cross-plattform MVU GUI Applications using F# and Avalonia!


This library allows you to write cross-plattform GUI Applications entirely in F# - No XAML, but a declarative elm like DSL. MVU (Model-View-Update) architecture support is built in, and bindings to use it with Elmish are also ready to use.

Current State

Should be usable, but expect bugs and some breaking changes. Basically wet paint.


Please contribute to this library through issue reports, pull requests, code reviews and discussion.

Getting started

Avalonia.FuncUI nuget

Install-Package JaggerJo.Avalonia.FuncUI

Avalonia.FuncUI.Elmish nuget

Install-Package JaggerJo.Avalonia.FuncUI.Elmish

Project templates will follow soon.

For now check out the Wiki (WIP) and Examples.


Below is the code of a simple counter app (using the Avalonia.FuncUI.Elmish package).

module Counter =

    type CounterState = {
        count : int

    let init = {
        count = 0

    type Msg =
    | Increment
    | Decrement

    let update (msg: Msg) (state: CounterState) : CounterState =
        match msg with
        | Increment -> { state with count =  state.count + 1 }
        | Decrement -> { state with count =  state.count - 1 }
    let view (state: CounterState) (dispatch): View =
        Views.dockPanel [
            Attrs.children [
                Views.button [
           (fun sender args -> dispatch Increment)
                    Attrs.content "click to increment"
                Views.button [
           (fun sender args -> dispatch Decrement)
                    Attrs.content "click to decrement" 
                Views.textBlock [
                    Attrs.dockPanel_dock Dock.Top
                    Attrs.text (sprintf "the count is %i" state.count)
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