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Running statistics for the game First Orchard
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What is this repository for?

Statistics for the game First Orchard:

With standard game parameters, the results are:

  • Played 10000000 games with strategy BestStrategy and won 6312996 games: 63,13 %
  • Played 10000000 games with strategy ChildrenStrategy and won 5968100 games: 59,68 %
  • Played 10000000 games with strategy FirstAvailableTreeStrategy and won 5826065 games: 58,26 %
  • Played 10000000 games with strategy BadStrategy and won 5552346 games: 55,52 %

Now, you know that if your child doesn't tolerate to loose at this game, you still have 37% chance to have him upset, even playing optimally :) Also, there are no big differences between the strategies.

Discussion here:

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