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django mongodbforms

This is an implementation of django's model forms for mongoengine documents.



mongodbforms supports forms for normal documents and embedded documents.

Normal documents

To use mongodbforms with normal documents replace djangos forms with mongodbform forms.

from mongodbforms import DocumentForm

class BlogForm(DocumentForm)

Embedded documents

For embedded documents use EmbeddedDocumentForm. The Meta-object of the form has to be provided with an embedded field name. The embedded object is appended to this. The form constructor takes a couple of additional arguments: The document the embedded document gets added to and an optional position argument.

If no position is provided the form adds a new embedded document to the list if the form is saved. To edit an embedded document stored in a list field the position argument is required. If you provide a position and no instance to the form the instance is automatically loaded using the position argument.

If the embedded field is a plain embedded field the current object is simply overwritten.

from mongodbforms import EmbeddedDocumentForm
class MessageForm(EmbeddedDocumentForm):
    class Meta:
	    document = Message
	    embedded_field_name = 'messages'
	    fields = ['subject', 'sender', 'message',]


# create a new embedded object
form = MessageForm(parent_document=some_document, ...)
# edit the 4th embedded object
form = MessageForm(parent_document=some_document, position=3, ...)

## Documentation

In theory the documentation [Django's modelform]( documentation should be all you need (except for one exception; read on). If you find a discrepancy between something that mongodbforms does and what Django's documentation says, you have most likely found a bug. Please [report it](

### Form field generation

Because the fields on mongoengine documents have no notion of form fields mongodbform uses a generator class to generate the form field for a db field, which is not explicitly set. 

If you want to use your own generator class you can use the ``formfield_generator`` option on the form's Meta class.

from mongodbforms.fieldgenerator import MongoFormFieldGenerator
class MyFieldGenerator(MongoFormFieldGenerator):

from mongodbforms import DocumentForm
from generator import MyFieldGenerator
class MessageForm(DocumentForm):
    class Meta:
		formfield_generator = MyFieldGenerator