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Implementation of Othello/Reversi, ideal for introductory machine learning course.
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This module is an implementation of the game Othello/Reversi in Python. It was developed in Spring 2008 by Eric P. Nichols for the Fall 2008 version of CSCI-B351/COGS-Q351 Intro to Artificial Intelligence at Indiana Univeristy. The original idea was from John Paxton's similar AI course at Montana State University, Bozeman. The project was refactored and migrated to Python 2.7 by Jaimie Murdock in Fall 2011.

This is meant to be an educational open-source project. We welcome forking our repo and developing additional game engines, and encourage pull requests for well-documented examples.

Additional ideas for contribution:

  • Several TODO comments in
  • Tournament infrastructure (to be implemented in
  • GUI for visualization of games with round-stepping functionality.
  • Standardized logging and log readers for replay.


human - random game
python human random
human - human game
python human human
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