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			     Console Jabber Client
		   (c) 2003-2011 Jacek Konieczny <>

CJC is a Jabber/XMPP client for text terminals. It uses pyxmpp library for XMPP
comunication and curses for screen output. It is not finished yet, but still
quite usable. Its user interface is resembling those of popular IRC clients
like irssi or BitchX.


1. Python interpreter

	Current PyXMPP and CJC require Python 2.6.

2. PyXMPP -

	CJC 1.1.0 requires PyXMPP 1.1.0 or newer.

	If you are using current CJC version from github master branch then
	probably the best choice is to use latest PyXMPP from github too. For
	official releases the latest PyXMPP release before that CJC release
	should work well (but newer release may work better).

	PyXMPP should be installed in system in default Python module search
	path, but it doesn't have to be installed (just compiled) if you want
	to run CJC from the source tree (using script). PyXMPP compiled
	sources should be placed in same directory where cjc source tree is
	(both CJC and PyXMPP tarballs unpacked or both git trees checked out in
	the same directory).


You may run CJC right from the source tree, but to install it into the system

	make install


See the attached manual (doc/manual.html). Some day it may be complete :-)

Bug reports and feature requests:

The best place to send those is the github issues list:

But you can write to me directly via e-mail: 
or jabber:

There is also a mailing list for CJC: To subscribe -- send
an empty message to or visit the listinfo
page at

But if you don't describe your problem or wish on the project trac I may forget
about it.