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                     GaduGadu Transport for Jabber
            (c) 2002-2013 Jacek Konieczny [jajcus(a)jajcus,net]

This is external component for Jabber ( server
providing gateway to GaduGadu instant messaging services. GaduGadu is
an IM system very popular in Poland.

Sources include example config file (jggtrans.xml), which contains all
configuration instructions. It should be installed in the $sysconfdir
directory (defined by configure script, default: /usr/local/etc). 

To start GaduGadu transport run "jggtrans" binary _after_ starting
jabber server.

You can start it from root account, giving "-u" and maybe "-g" options
--- it will switch to given uid/gid then.

Look for more information and report any bugs or feature requests at
the project's GitHub page:

There is also a mailing list (Polish):
To subscribe send a message to:

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