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libxode README
Jabber Documentation Team
March 27, 2000
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1 General
1.2 What This Package Is
2. Getting Things Installed
2.1 Dependencies
2.2 Compilation and Installation
2.3 Problems/Bugs
3. Jabber Information
3.1 General Information
3.2 Developer Information
1. Introduction
1.1. General
This document gives pointers for information on this package as well
as links to learn more about the Jabber project and about
participating in the project.
Copyright information can be found in each package directory in the
files "COPYRIGHT" and "COPYING."
1.2. What libxode is
libxode provides a library of XML, memory, and string helper functions.
Jabber server software uses libxode extensively.
2. Getting it Installed
2.1. Dependencies
Apart from the standard UNIX fare, this package isn't dependent on
2.2. Compilation and Installation
To install as super user do the following in the libxode root directory:
(become root)
make install
2.3. Problems/Bugs
Submit bug reports at
For additional real-time support, many members of the development team
frequent jabber groupchat in and irc at in #jabber.
3. Jabber Information
3.1. General Information
For general information about Jabber, including a quick introduction
to Jabber concepts, see the FAQ at
3.2. Developer Information
There are many areas of Jabber that developers can contribute to.
Jabber encompasses many fields of expertise and anyone that is willing
to help can contribute.
You may want to delve into the internals of the Jabber project at and
Or maybe you would like to go ahead become a developer on the project.
Just go on over to and register. You may also
sign up for the main Jabber mailing list (JDEV).
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