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@@ -5,9 +5,9 @@ PyXMPP -- Python Jabber/XMPP implementation
-PyXMPP is a Python XMPP (RFC 3920,3921) and Jabber
-( implementation. It is based on libxml2 --
-fast and fully-featured XML parser.
+PyXMPP is a Python XMPP (RFC 3920,3921) implementation, including some of the
+well-known extensions. It is based on libxml2 -- fast and fully-featured XML
PyXMPP provides most core features of the XMPP protocol and several JSF-defined
extensions. PyXMPP provides building blocks for creating Jabber clients and
@@ -84,25 +84,18 @@ Contact
PyXMPP was written and is maintained by Jacek Konieczny <>.
-To report bugs or request features use `the Trac <>`__.
+To report bugs or request features use the `GitHub interface <>`__.
For discussion you may join `the PyXMPP mailing list
-Latest releases of PyXMPP may be downloaded from `the files downloads directory
-<>`__. There are also
-some `SVN snapshots <>`__ available.
-You can also checkout latest sources directly from the SVN repository::
-svn checkout pyxmpp
+Current source code is available via GitHub at:
PyXMPP is free software, licenced under the GNU LGPL. See the
COPYING file for details.
-.. $Id$

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