An unfinished, turn based Android app produced for EA CodeWars 2014.
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#Meet BattleBirds

BattleBirds is a multiplayer, turn based, attack and defend game. You play as a bird who is trying to both defend his cannon, and destroy an opposing birds cannon.

#The Game

You start the game as a bird perched atop a cannon. There are three phases to the game.

##Phase 1: Build

At the start of the game, you are given a set number of boxes to build a fort around your cannon. This fort serves to block imcoming fire from the opposing bird.

##Phase 2: Aim By holding above or below where your cannon is currently pointed, you can aim your cannon up or down.

##Phase 3: Fire When you are ready to launch an egg, Hold your finger down on the cannon and a power bar will begin to display. This bar will ascend and descend until you release, at which point the egg will fire.


##How Do I Win?

Its simple: Destroy the opposing cannon. Each cannon has health, which is lowered according to the location struck and the speed of the egg.