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Mapping UK train fares and split tickets
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Mapping UK train fares and split tickets, using data from ATOC and TfL.

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Running locally

To generate the fare data, you will need Java 8+ and Maven 2+.

You can start a local web server in web/. You will see the station data, but not any fares data, as this totals 16 GB and hence does not belong in a GitHub repo.

To generate the JSON files in web/data/fares/:

  1. Register here:
  2. Download the latest fares feed and copy all of the files into the atoc/ directory
  3. Run It should take less than an hour to run on a reasonably modern PC.

Rebuilding TfL data

Run It will look at any stations with the tag OYSTER in stations.json and attempt to fill in any gaps it sees in tfl.json.gz. If you want to rebuild the file from scratch, delete it, run as normal and prepare to wait a few hours.

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