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In TFS it's possible to create "faked" builds, without actually running them. You can read about it in this blog post by Jason Prickett.

TfsBuildResultPublisher allows you to create a Fake build, and publish test results to both the build in TFS and also a test run into Microsoft Test Manager


TfsBuildResultPublisher.exe /collection:http://tfsserver:8080/tfs/MyCollection 
                   /builddefinition:"Daily Build"

-c, --collection=VALUE         The collection
-p, --project=VALUE            The team project
-b, --builddefinition=VALUE    The build definition
-n, --buildnumber=VALUE        The build number to assign the build\
-s, --status=VALUE             Status of the build  (Succeeded, Failed, Stopped, PartiallySucceeded, default: Succeeded)
-f, --flavor=VALUE             Flavor of the build (to track test results against, default: Debug)
-l, --platform=VALUE           Platform of the build (to track test results against, AnyCPU)
-t, --target=VALUE             Target of the build (shown on build report, default: default)
  --localpath=VALUE            Local path of solution file. (default: Solutio                               n.sln)
  --serverpath=VALUE           Version Control path for solution file. (e.g. $/Solution.sln)
  --droplocation=VALUE         Location where builds are dropped (default: \\server\drops\)
  --buildlog=VALUE             Location of build log file. (e.g. \\server\folder\build.log)
  --testResults=VALUE          Test results file to publish (*.trx, requires MSTest installed)
  --create                     Should the build definition be created if it does not exist
  --trigger                    Instead of creating a manual build, we should trigger the build
  --keepForever                Does the build participates in the retention policy of the build definition or to keep the                                build forever
  --buildController=VALUE      The name of the build controller to use when creating the build definition (default, first controller)
  --publishTestRun             Creates a test run in Test Manager (requires tcm.exe installed)
  --fixTestIds                 If the .trx file comes from VSTest.Console.exe, the testId's will not be recognised by Test Runs (for associated automation)
  --testSuiteId=VALUE          The Test Suite to publish the results of the test run to [tcm /suiteId]
  --testConfigid=VALUE         The Test Configuration to publish the results of the test run to [tcm /configId]
  --testRunTitle=VALUE         The title of the test run [tcm /title]
  --testRunResultOwner=VALUE   The result owner of the test run [tcm /resultOwner]


Original Blog post:
Inspiration for creating a 2012 command line tool: