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Say you have a form with an API call and when the form submit succeeds you want to show the user a success message, or in the event of a failure, show them a failure message.

React-redux-notifications is a redux middleware powered notification system which makes this super easy in a decoupled way.


// Reducer setup
import { reducer as notifications } from 'react-redux-notifications'

const todoApp = combineReducers({

// Middleware setup
import { middleware as NotificationMiddleware } from 'react-redux-notifications'

let store = createStore(
    applyMiddleware(ReduxThunk, NotificationMiddleware),
    window.devToolsExtension ? window.devToolsExtension() : _ => _

Example usage

  message='Api call successful!'
  showDismiss />

  defaultMessage='Api call successful!'
  hideAfter={500} />


You can only have one InlineNotification component rendered for a particular event.

Currently the last rendered components settings will win.


InlineNotification component

  • triggeredBy - either string or array of strings defining which redux event(s) to listen for
  • defaultMessage - The fallback message to render. notificationMessage on the triggering event type will take precident
  • hideAfter - Hide notification after specified number of ms
  • renderNotification - Override rendering each notification function(notification) { return <div key={notification.key}>{notification.message}</div> }
  • renderContainer - Override the container render function(notifications) { return <div id='notificationContainer'>{notifications}</div> }
    • notifications are the rendered components, you need to specify renderContainer and renderNotification separately


The notification object which is passed to renderNotification

  key: "<unique key used as react component key>"
  message: "<notificationMessage || defaultMessage>"
  trigger: "<redux event which triggered the notification>"

Demo site

Common Tasks

  • Developing - npm start - Runs the development server at localhost:8080 and use Hot Module Replacement. You can override the default host and port through env (HOST, PORT).
  • Creating a version - npm version <x.y.z> - Updates /dist and package.json with the new version and create a version tag to Git.
  • Publishing a version - npm publish - Pushes a new version to npm and updates the project site.

If you don't want to use universal rendering for the React portion, set RENDER_UNIVERSAL to false at webpack.config.babel.js.


The test setup is based on Karma/Mocha/Chai/Phantom. Code coverage report is generated through istanbul/isparta to build/.

  • Running tests once - npm test
  • Running tests continuously npm run test:tdd
  • Linting - npm run test:lint - Runs ESLint.

Demo Site

The boilerplate includes a GitHub Pages specific portion for setting up a demo site for the component. The main commands handle with the details for you. Sometimes you might want to generate and deploy it by hand, or just investigate the generated bundle.

  • Building - npm run gh-pages - Builds the demo into ./gh-pages directory.
  • Deploying - npm run deploy-gh-pages - Deploys the contents of ./gh-pages to the gh-pages branch. GitHub will pick this up automatically. Your site will be available through *`.
  • Generating stats - npm run stats - Generates stats that can be passed to webpack analyse tool. This is useful for investigating what the build consists of.


react-redux-notifications is available under MIT. See LICENSE for more details.


Thanks to for the scaffolding of this library