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Built on NTRDebugger to allow easy screencasting from the 3DS
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Nitro Stream DIRTY: Fixed program crashing if octokit couldnt connect to github. Aug 25, 2016
.gitignore Marked depricated Feb 16, 2017

[DEPRECATED] Nitro Stream

Please use KitKat instead.

Allows the user to easily initiate a connection to NTRViewer for NTR CFW on the Nintendo 3DS Built on the NTRDebugger by Cell99 -




Requires octokit for the update notifications, this is now shipped with the application.

You'll need NTRViewer which can be found in the starter pack here:


To use, either place the executable in the same directory as NTViewer.exe or set it's location before connecting in the options menu of the application.



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