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ActionBarSherlock Release Process

  1. Make sure she builds!

    mvn clean verify
  2. Ensure the file has up-to-date information and the current date.

  3. Update the version number in the root build.gradle.
  4. Pull in the latest translations in the i18n module.
  5. Change all of the sample AndroidManifest.xml files to the correct version and bump the version code arbitrarily.

    find actionbarsherlock-samples -name AndroidManifest.xml -exec sed -i '' 's|versionCode="[0-9]*"|versionCode="431"|g' {} \;
    find actionbarsherlock-samples -name AndroidManifest.xml -exec sed -i '' 's|versionName="[0-9.]*"|versionName="4.3.1"|g' {} \;
  6. Make the release!

    mvn clean release:clean
    mvn release:prepare release:perform
  7. Promote the Maven artifact on Sonatype's OSS Nexus install.

  8. Deploy the latest website.

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