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Fix activity leak. #1066

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The leak is found in HomeView.mIconView.mCallback.mContext

Turns out when we call in ActionBarView:212

 mIcon = pm.getActivityIcon(((Activity) context).getComponentName());                                             

the system returns the same Icon,

So the ImageView from second started activity sets its callback and it prevents the activity to be garbage collected
The leak is reproducible in 2.3.6

On the later versions of sdk type of Drawable.mCallback changed from Callback to WeakReference so it cant be reproduced on newer sdk versions

Steps to reproduce:

1. start activity1

2. start activity2

3. finish activity2

4. activity2 will remain in memory

There is a demonstration of the leak in known_bugs project

@kurganec kurganec Fix activity leak.
Make a copy of application/activity icon, so we do not leak activity on devices with old sdk version
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