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Pilvijärjestelmä - work time tracking

This program uses a Raspberry Pi 3, an MFRC522 RFID reader and NextCloud to track work time.

Project members:
Matias Richterich
Ville Touronen
Jaakko Veijonen
Vili Viita

General dependencies:

Raspberry Pi 3 or similar
MFRC522 RFID reader, wired onto the GPIO pins of the Pi
RFID tag(s)
NextCloud server and client (server can be hosted elsewhere)

Python dependencies:


.xlsx files - .xlsx files we used in testing this program - to write data (names) on RFID tags - Simply read what is on RFID tags - old version, can be disregarded - current program version

How it works:

Running the version opens a program that asks the user whether they're arriving or leaving. This is determined by typing "inside" or "outside" to the terminal window.

After determining the direction, the user is asked to place their RFID tag on the reader. The reader reads the data (name) written on the tag (text). This data is used in the name of the .xlsx document.

The program cannot create the .xlsx files by itself, so it is necessary to create a .xlsx workbook with the right filename (for example DonJohnson.xlsx) in the program folder before running.

The program creates a worksheet with the tag data as its name, and writes the event. If the direction is arrival, the event is written on the left side of the document. If leaving, it is written on the right.

A worktime calculation is also written into the document. It should take into account human error while reading the tag.

After writing the document, it is saved in the program's folder and copied into NextCloud's client folder in order to sync it with the server.

It is recommended to create a separate account for the NextCloud client. After the first time a file is uploaded, the server admin should share the file with the corresponding user in NextCloud. Afterwards, the user will automatically receive an up-to-date .xlsx file with their work time.

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