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Yet Another Session Saver in MODX Revolution
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Yet Another Session Saver for MODX Revolution


Yass is a simple session saving solution for MODX Revolution. With this snippet you could display a link (a form post ist possible too) that changes a value in the current user session. The key name, value and expiration could be set by snippet parameter. The current value of the session key could be retreived in a placeholder.


MODX Package Management



with the following properties:

Property Description Default
resource Resource Id Current Resource id
keyName Session Key Name default
keyValue Session Key Value defaultValue
keyExpires Session Key Expires (in seconds) 0 (does not expire)
refreshExpires Refresh Session Key Expiration on every call false
language Snippet Language en
passParams Comma separated list of url parameter to pass through to enableUrl/disableUrl - could be set to all for all allowed url parameter
toPlaceholder Surpresses output and sets placeholder false
debug Show Debug Information false
enabledTpl Chunk that is shown if session key is set see defaultEnabled.template.html in core/components/yass/templates
disabledTpl Chunk that is shown if session key is not set see defaultDisabled.template.html in core/components/yass/templates

The following placeholder could be used in the template chunks:

Placeholder Value
lang.* Language settings
id Set by resource parameter
enableUrl Will be generated from id, keyName and keyValue
disableUrl Will be generated from id and keyName
key Set by keyName parameter
value Set by keyValue parameter

The following placeholder are set with the toPlaceholder parameter:

Placeholder Value
yass.(keyname).value Current value of the keyname
yass.(keyname).output Output of the snippet
yass.(keyname).debug Debug information

(keyname) is set by keyName parameter – if keyName is not set the placeholder names are yass.value, yass.output, yass.debug

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