Chipmunk Physics bindings for the D programming language
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Chipmunk Physics bindings for the D programming language.

Currently incomplete; in particular, most constraints are not available yet. Patches welcome.

Directory Layout

  • chipmunk - ChipmunkD source package.
  • visuald - VisualD project files.
  • lib - ChipmunkD static libraries (when built).


Compile all ChipmunkD source files into a static library, either manually or using the included project files. A makefile will be added in the future. When building your application, link to both Chipmunk and ChipmunkD. A chipmunk.dll and chipmunk.lib import library (in OMF format, used by DMD) can be found here for convenience.


ChipmunkD is licensed under the terms of the MIT license (see the LICENSE.txt file for details).