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Dirk dub Build Status

Dirk is an IRC client library for the D programming language.

It aims for a complete and correct implementation of the IRC client protocol (RFC 2812) and related protocols (CTCP and DCC) with a safe interface.

Dirk aims to be as efficient as possible (in terms of both CPU and memory) to cater to the requirements of any imaginable use of IRC.

For an IRC bot framework built on Dirk, see Diggler.

Dirk depends on libev for the event loop.

Please report bugs and requests to the issue tracker. Thanks!

Directory Structure

  • source - the Dirk source package.
  • libev - the Deimos bindings for libev.
  • lib - Dirk library files (when built).
  • extlib - libev object files; see extlib/ for details.


You can find automatically generated documentation on the gh-pages branch, or you can browse it online.


Dirk works with dub out of the box. See Dirk on the package repository for details.


Dirk is licensed under the terms of the MIT license (see the LICENSE file for details).