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// snaptest web interface
// STEP 1: Define the absolute path to where snaptest.php is
// Include the ending slash
define('SNAP_WI_PATH', '/path/to/snaptest/directory/');
// STEP 2: Define the absolute path to your top level test directory
// Include the ending slash
define('SNAP_WI_TEST_PATH', '/path/to/my/tests/');
// STEP 3: Define the URL of this file. This way, we can find it
// once more without weird script url hackery
define('SNAP_WI_URL_PATH', '');
// STEP 4: Obfuscation. If this is defined to TRUE then full path obfuscation
// will be on and the path informaton will be ommitted from the display side
// of everything. It is strongly encouraged to leave this on unless you are in
// a secure environment and don't mind your entire path being exposed.
define('SNAP_WI_CRYPT', TRUE);
// STEP 5: set the matching path
// Files matching this pattern will be testable
define('SNAP_WI_TEST_MATCH', '^.*\.stest\.php$');
// STEP 6: Relax, you're done. Bask in your awesomeness.
// Go to
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------
// include the snaptest web core, which will handle the request, components
// etc. All the heavy lifting should happen well out of sight.
require_once SNAP_WI_PATH . 'snaptest_webcore.php';