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Pretty cURL

Using pretty-printed curl outputs is useful for many different purposes ranging from dev testing all the way to customer demos. This script aims to provide the tools necessary to achieve just that.


In order to make this setup work, you will need to install the following tools (given you already have cURL installed):

  • npm
  • python-setuptools
  • xml-twig-tools
  • json
  • pygments

Installation on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get update && apt-get install -y \
    npm \
    python-setuptools \

npm install -g json
easy_install pygments

Installation on Fedora

su -
dnf install xml-twig-tools
dnf install perl-HTML-Tree-1:5.03-11.fc23.noarch
dnf install perl-IO-stringy-2.111-3.fc23.noarch
dnf install perl-XML-Parser-2.44-3.fc23.x86_64
dnf install python-setuptools-18.0.1-2.fc23.noarch

npm install -g json
easy_install pygments

Custom functions

To save some additional typing, you can utilize bash functions. Just add the following lines into your .bashrc or .zshrc.

function jcurl() {
    curl "$@" | json_pp | pygmentize -l json

export jcurl

function xcurl() {
    curl "$@" | xml_pp | pygmentize -l xml

export xcurl

How to use it?

JSON example - jcurl

Running following command

jcurl -gX GET http://localhost:8080/Spring4WithSwagger/rest/api-docs/

producs an output like this:


JSON example - xcurl

Running following command

xcurl -gX GET http://localhost:8080/Spring4WithSwagger/rest/products/

producs an output like this:



I also created a docker image to make the setup even easier. The image is always built automatically from master branch on each new commit/push. To learn more just follow the link to Docker Hub.