HTML5 SuperTemplate for layout-Template and handelbarsjs for Data-Templates
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#HTML5 SuperTemplate

Super Simple HTML5, CSS3, & JavaScript for WebApps components
Useful for modern WebApps and responsive mobile layout.
Save you a lot of hours

HTML5 WebComponents

  • Grids/Columns Responsive & Flexible Grid
  • Buttons
  • Lists
  • Menus
  • Tables
  • ToolTips
  • Typography
  • Icons
  • Images
  • Tabs
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Slideshow
  • Forms
  • Input/Label
  • Extras/Helpers
  • MVC-libraries integration like Angular/Ember/React...

Browser Supports

HTML SuperTemplate Tested and working in IE 8+, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari IOS, Android...

Hosted on

git installation

git clone

npm installation

npm install html5-supertemplate
npm install

bower installation

bower install HTML5-SuperTemplate