Javascript-Powered Cross-browser Media Queries and Events
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MediaQuery is a javascript-powered cross-browser media query and media query events handler. It supports queries on the viewport and device as well as more advanced min/max greater-than/less-than queries. It is tested in all browsers on both PC and Mac systems, including the ancient IE6+.

What does it support, exactly?

  • width / height / aspect-ratio / orientation / font-size
  • device-width / device-height / device-aspect-ratio / device-orientation
  • values written with em, in, pt, px, %, and empty suffixes.
  • min-property, max-property, property <, property >

How to use it

First, add the MediaQuery script to your site or page.

<script src="MediaQuery.js"></script>

Evaluate a query on the fly.

var result = MediaQuery('min-width: 640px').matches; // returns a boolean: true or false if whether the media query was matching

Save a media query object to be evaluated anytime later.

var mq = MediaQuery('min-width: 640px');

// many moments later


Read or replace a media query with the query method.

MediaQuery('min-width: 640px').query('width > 640px').query; // returns a string: "width > 640px"

Add an event with addEvent, which will run each time the media query changes to or from matching.

MediaQuery('min-width: 640px').addEvent(function (matches, data) {
    matches; // whether the media query was matching or not
    data; // the media query as a javascript object

Add a classname to <html> with addClass, which will only be added when the media query is matching.

MediaQuery('width < 768').addClass('handheld');

Browser support

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox 3+
  • Apple Safari 4+
  • Opera 10+
  • Internet Explorer 6+




MediaQuery is a project by Jonathan Neal.