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A shopping list web app for iPhone that is designed to be used offline as well
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Shopping List WebApp

A shopping list mobile web app intended for the iOS and Android that is designed to be used offline as well. To test the application, visit [] from your iPhone, iPod, iPad or any WebKit browser (Safari, Chrome, etc).


  • Multiple lists
  • Calculating total for items in the cart (useful while shopping)
  • All data saved locally (using HTML5 storage)
  • iPhone user interface look-alike (powered by iWebKit)

Futher development

  • Drag sorting the lists must be implemented
  • Sync data with a remote JSON storage


  • CSS transitions in iOS Safari are slow (tested on iPhone 3G, iOS 3)
  • The web app is not intended to work on other devices and/or browsers, but is expected to perform well on any HTML5 supporting browser. The only problem is the WebKitTransitionEnd event fired only by WebKit browsers that support transitions.
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