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Working with LibItemCache's API is very similar to working with Blizzard's: for example, the method :GetItemInfo(owner, bag, slot) works much alike the server method GetItemInfo(bag, slot).

It is strictly better than using Blizzard's API though, because it allows you to select the owner to query, and works independently of your character's location - for instance, whether he/she is at the bank is irrelevant.

Query API


Returns information about the requested owner, such as class, gender and money owned, given a valid ownerID. An owner is an in-game entity that possesses items - currently, a character or a guild.

local info = LibStub('LibItemCache-2.0'):GetOwnerInfo('Smartypants')

:bulb: All LibItemCache functions assume that, if ownerID is nil, then the current character being played is the owner being queried.

:GetBagInfo(ownerID, bagID)

Returns an information data structure about the requested bag. Note that the Void Storage is considered a bag as well, and that guild bank tabs are considered bags owned by the guild. See more in bagID.

local info = LibStub('LibItemCache-2.0'):GetOwnerInfo('Smartypants', 1)

:GetItemInfo(ownerID, bagID, slot)

Similarly to :GetBagInfo, returns an information data structure about the requested item slot.

Listing API


Returns a stateless iterator over all the cached onwers (players and guilds) that belong to the current realm being played on, or to realms the current one is connected to.

for ownerID in LibStub('LibItemCache-2.0'):IterateOwners() do

LibItemCache :floppy_disk:

Using the Library
Data Specification
Advanced Uses

Exposing your Cache
Interface Protocol

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