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A GUI framework, all wrapped in rice and seaweed for extra flavor.

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Sushi-3.2 🍣

Sushi is a GUI framework for the game World of Warcraft, designed to be:

  • Completely object oriented.
  • Versatile and easily extendable.
  • A taint-free alternative to frequently used objects (for example, dropdowns)
  • Similar to Blizzard's API and hence, easy to learn.

Requires LibStub and Poncho-2.0.

How to Use

For instance, imagine you wish to create a dropdown choice menu. To do so, you can simply call the Sushi.Choice class:

local myMenu = LibStub('Sushi-3.2').Choice(MyParent)

myMenu:SetLabel('My Awesome Dropdown')

myMenu:SetCall('OnInput', function(self, value)
	if value == 'None' then
		print('Not hungry?')
		print('You cannot have it.')

💡 Three things of note in this snippet:

  • Functionality is available as methods, never as attributes.
  • SetCall work much alike the native SetScript, except it is a method defined by the library. Multiple functions can be assigned to a single event.
  • If you release the frame myMenu, all attributes assigned to it and properties modified trough class methods will be cleared.

Available Classes

Each class is defined in it's own .lua file under the \classes directory. The library contains classes to display buttons, checkbuttons, dropdowns, editboxes, sliders, static popups, automatic layouts and more. Read the Class Reference for further details.

No class makes use of native code that can generate taint. For example, the Dropdown frame implementation does not make use of the UIDropDownMenu API.

⚠️ Reminder!

If you use this library, please list it as one of your dependencies in the CurseForge admin system. It's a big help! 👍