This repo houses reports created by our Professional Services team for use with Jama Connect. If you are a self-hosted customer, you may download these and upload to your instances per the instructions in the Readme files. If you are a cloud customer, please read…
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Jama Community Reports

Jama Software is the definitive system of record and action for product development. The company’s modern requirements and test management solution helps enterprises accelerate development time, mitigate risk, slash complexity and verify regulatory compliance. More than 600 product-centric organizations, including NASA, Boeing and Caterpillar use Jama to modernize their process for bringing complex products to market. The venture-backed company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. For more information, visit

Please visit for additional resources and join the discussion in our community

Community Report Downloads

In partnership with Jama's Consulting team, we'd like to offer some custom reports for our customers. These reports were written with BIRT or Velocity, so if you are an on-premises customer and have experience with the appropriate platform, you can manipulate them to suit your needs. Please note that these reports come as-is. Jama Support will not assist with the use or modification of the reports.


On-premises customers of Jama: Follow the instructions in the user guide to install your report. There will be no harm done if you would like to install a report and try it out. If you have root or admin access to your instance, you can install the report. Make sure to configure the parameters as displayed in the image found in the report's folder. Some reports have multiple versions which cater to different databases, so pay close attention that you download the correct one. Please note that BIRT reports cannot be downloaded via a right-click; the raw text should be saved in a text-editing program with the extension .rptdesign.

Cloud customers of Jama: You will need to submit a request we upload one of these offered reports as-is for you. Just send an email to indicating which report you would like to use and the URL of your instance. If you would like to have us customize one of these templates, it would be considered a Services engagement.

Interested in having someone guide you through this process?

If you are interested in having a consultant tailor a report for you, build one from scratch or train you on how to write your own, please reach out to your Jama Account Manager to scope out a project. You can also access report templates that other customers have created. Hosted customers can upload any Word templates shared there to jamacloud, while on-premises customers can use any file they see fit on their instance.