Slides and handouts shared by presenters at the 2018 CSUN Assistive Technology Conference
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7 Considerations for Accessibility in Course Development.pdf
A New Breed of Accessible Tools for Mathematics - Digital Math Editors.pptx
A Pilot Study of Computer Auto-Personalization at American Job Centers.pptx
A11Y Matters - Effective UX Design Includes Accessibility.pptx
ADA and the Internet Legal Update.pptx
Accessibility - No rights without responsibility.pdf
Accessibility - Putting People First in the Software Development Lifecycle.pdf
Accessibility Crash Course - Web A11y Basics Applied.pptx
Accessibility Heuristics - A practical framework for evaluating designs for accessibility.pptx
Accessibility Suite of Knowledge.pptx
Accessibility Testing in Continuous Delivery Environments.pptx
Accessibility Trends.pptx
Accessibility and Design - Where Productivity and Philosophy Meet.pdf
Accessibility at Microsoft.pdf
Accessibility at eBay - An Enterprise Success Story.pptx
Accessibility in Windows 10.pptx
Accessibility in the Virtual-Augmented Reality Space.pptx
Accessible Cooking with the Instant Pot Using Bluetooth.pptx
Accessible User Experiences in Four Minutes, Thirty-three Seconds.pdf
Achieving Proactive Compliance.pdf
An Overview of Today’s Most Challenging Accessibility Obstacles.pptx
Android Accessibility for Native App Developers.pdf
Basic Strategies for Solving Web Accessibility.pptx
Be L33T - Accessibility in Game Development.pptx
Benefits of Analyzing & Extending WCAG 2.0 Beyond Three Digits.pdf
Beyond Compliance- Staying Out in Front of Digital Accessibility Legal Trends.pptx
Beyond Standards - Taking a Holistic Approach to Accessibility Evaluation.pptx
Building an Accessible Component Library.pdf
Choosing and Using NVDA.pdf
Cognitive Abilities - An ICT Accessibility Conundrum.pptx
Consistently Accessible - Building Better Websites with Pattern Libraries.pdf
Create Engaging Presentations with PowerPoint and Sway.pptx
Create More Inclusive Classrooms with Microsoft 365 Education.pptx
Designing Wireframes and Copy for Web and Mobile Accessibility.pptx
Designing and Testing Mobile Apps for Accessibility.pptx
Develop, Test, Deploy - Accessible Templates for an Entire State.pdf
Developing Digital Accessibility Processes within Complex Organizations.pptx
Digital Accessibility Legal Update.pptx
Digital Accessibility and Consumer Loyalty.pdf
EPUB Creation Tools Comparison - A Guide for the Rest of Us.pptx
Easily create accessible documents and communications with Office 365.pptx
Everything I Know About Accessibility I Learned from Stack Overflow.pdf
Exploring Ways to Automate Image Description Production for STEM.pptx
Fitting Simulation Based on Mobile Body Scanning for Wheelchair Users.pdf
From the Ground Up - Building in Accessibility at the Wireframe Stage.pptx
Getting Started with Open Source Accessibility Projects.pptx
Getting on the Record with the FCC - Public Input Process How To's.pdf
Good to Great - Evolution of the Great Lakes Digital Accessibility Program.pdf
Guerilla Alt Text - Making Accessibility Happen.pdf
HTML Versions of CSUN 2018
How Can Web Ana11ytics Improve Accessibility.pdf
How I Used OneNote to Manage a Medical Crisis.pptx
How to Train Colleagues in Accessibility.pdf
Idea Sparks that Ignite a Digital Accessibility Strategy.pptx
Improving Accessibility Through Process, Style Guide and Pattern Library.pdf
In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data (Part Deux) - A review of hard data in the digital accessibility industry and how to collect and analyze that data.pptx
Inclusive Design for Deaf and Hard of Hearing using AI in a Scalable Way.pdf
Innovative Accessibility Design for Hardware with Closed Functionality.pptx
Interactive Map Accessibility.pdf
Introducing Readiance - Read-Aloud Books for Titles in the Public Domain.docx
Introducing the new NV Access and Redesigned NVDA.pdf
It's More Than High Contrast- Designing For Users With Low Vision.pptx
JAWS Wide Open.pptx
Lessons from Microsoft - IT's Accessibility Journey.pptx
Machine Learning - Where We’re at, but More Importantly, Where We’re Going.pptx
Making Accessible PDFs.pdf
Markdown - An Easy-to-Write Format for Alternate Media Production and Basic Note-Taking.pptx
Mastering the Art of Digital Accessibility Requirements.pptx
Media Player Accessibility - Insights from Interviews and Focus Groups.pdf
Meeting the Needs of All Learners through Multi-Modal Tools.docx
Mental health and accessibility - Bridging the digital divide.pdf
Microsoft Reading and Writing Tools - Designed for Learning Differences.pptx
Mindful Design to Accommodate Mental Health Disabilities.pptx
Mobile Accessibility in WCAG 2.1 and Beyond.pdf
Modernization of IT with SharePoint Accessibility.pptx
Multisensory Access to Math.pdf
Native App Automated Testing Tools - The Good.pptx
No one wants to SUX - A focus on inclusive UX techniques.pdf
One Problem, Two Success Criteria - WCAG 2.1, Sausage Making, and a Carrot & Stick (A Case Study).pptx
Only an App Away Audio Description and the Internet.pdf
Procurement & vendors - Practical tips for digital accessibility teams.pdf
Proposed Federal Accessibility Legislation to Make Websites Accessible.pptx
Providing Equity through Accessible Media - Excellence in Service Provision.docx
Re-Imagining Accessibility Guidelines.pdf
Re-Imagining Accessibility Guidelines.pptx
React Accessibility - A JavaScript view-rendering library by Facebook.pdf
Ready for Take-Off! Designing ACAA Compliant Self-Service Kiosks.pptx
Section 508 Refreshed - Key Things You Need To Know!.pptx
Shift-Left Accessibility.pdf
So You’ve Hired an Accessibility Coordinator (or Specialist) - Now What.docx
Social Media and Accessibility.pdf
Software Architecture Used in Microsoft Office for Exposing Accessible Content.pptx
Stop Using Disability Simulations Resources.pdf
Strategic Approaches for Buying Accessible Technology.pptx
Strategies to Make Your IT Applications More Accessible and Usable.pptx
Sustainability, Braille, & Assistive Technology.pdf
Sustainable Accessibility - A Fortune 50 Story.pptx
Swipe Right for Accessibility in Online Dating.pptx
The Accessibility of Video Players.pdf
The Bottlenose Dolphin.pdf
The Challenges of Producing Math and Science Textbooks in Braille.pptx
The D3 JavaScript Library and Accessible Data Visualization.pptx
The First Rule of ARIA Accessibility without Doing Accessibility.pdf
The Future of Accessible Digital Media.pdf
The Future of Accessible Work - Trends, Technology & Policy.pptx
The Journal on Technology and Persons with Disabilities - Scientific-Research Proceedings, San Diego, 2018.pdf
The Velvet Rope.pdf
Three Developer Behaviors to Eliminate 85 Percent of Accessibility Defects.pdf
To Design Inclusive Experiences, Build an Ecosystem Not a Framework.pptx
Trials and Tribulations of Single-Page Applications.pptx
Trickle Down Accessibility.pdf
User stories for accessibility - Accessibility in an agile world.pdf
Using cognitive walkthroughs to better review designs for accessibility.pdf
WAI-ARIA 1.1 - An in-depth view into the new & shiny.pdf
Walking a Tightrope - Finding a Balance of Automated and Manual Testing.pdf
Web Accessibility Testing 101 - A Checklist for Beginners.pptx
Web Quality Management - Improving user experience for everyone.pdf
Well Designed Forms from Paper to Web.pptx
What's New in Office 365.pptx
When Focus Matters - Designing for Changes in Content versus Context.pptx
When Focus Matters - Managing Focus Within Data Tables.pptx
Win More Business! Report Product & Service Accessibility Using VPAT 2.1.pptx
Windows Narrator - What's new in Windows 10.pptx
You Down with RTT - Making Real-Time Text Accessible.pptx
YouDescribe - A Free Tool! - Add Audio Description to Any YouTube Video.pptx

CSUN 2018 Documents

by Jamal Mazrui

The content of this repository includes wiki pages at

Note that this is not an official project of the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference. The project name, CSUNATC18docs, includes the #csunatc18 hashtag from Twitter.

Background and Rationale

Personal Experience

As a blind attendee of the 2018 CSUN conference, I regularly experienced an inability to gain value from a slide presentation of keen interest. Even if the speaker gave a URL for a digital copy of the presentation, it was usually not accessible to me, either because it was just displayed on the final slide without verbalization or because the verbalized URL was too difficult to memorize by listening just once. Often, simultaneous sessions were of interest, so I also missed a chance to learn of other slide presentations that would be accessible if I only knew their public URLs.

Criteria for Collaboration Approach

This project is an attempt to make the conference slides or handouts available in a manner that is easy for speakers to share accessibly. I investigated various alternatives for a free, reliable, and self-service system for sharing such documents. In the past, dedicated individuals have collected links to slides after the CSUN conference and updated a web page as often as volunteer time would allow. This approach tries to be less dependent on a single individual and more direct in the path for speakers to share their documents.

I found that some collaboration sites require individual authorization for adding content to a project. Others with fewer barriers to entry enable users to post links but not to upload files. Still others support uploading images such as .jpg, but not documents such as .pdf.

Choice of GitHub Site

On balance, an approach using certain GitHub features seems to work best. Anyone with a GitHub account has write access for posting a link or uploading a document, and any web user has read access for following a link or downloading a document. Given the popularity of the site .com in the tech world, many CSUN conference participants are familiar with it as users. Moreover, since speakers there are often developers as well, they are likely to have an account already, so uploading a document or posting a link there should be a relatively straightforward way of sharing.

To clarify the terms of sharing, it is recommended that each document include a license statement within its content, e.g., by referencing Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International.

Sharing Steps

A CSUN speaker may share a conference document as a link on the wiki of the CSUNATC18docs repository, which is configured to permit contributions by anyone with a GitHub account. Often, a document will already be hosted on another website, so only a wiki link to it needs to be posted. If the speaker is not using another site for hosting, however, the document may be uploaded in the issue queue of the same repository.

Steps for the following tasks are detailed below: signing into the repository, adding a document link, optionally uploading a document, and linking to an uploaded document.

Signing into the Repository

Adding a Document Link

  • Choose the Wiki link and then the New Page link. Alternatively, open the page

  • In the web form for creating a new page, use the Title field for inputting the title of the document to be shared. Use the multi-line Page content field for a description that at least contains a link to the document. By default, the wiki accepts Markdown syntax as input, so the link may be entered like this:

    [Link name](Link URL)

Optionally Uploading a Document

  • If the document is not already hosted elsewhere, it may first be uploaded to the issue queue of the CSUNATC18docs repository before creating a wiki page that links to the document. To create an issue, open the page

  • In the web form for creating a new issue, use the Title field for inputting the title of the document. Use the multi-line Comment field for any description. Invoke the button for uploading the document file as an attachment to the comment.

Linking to an Uploaded Document

  • After creating the issue, move focus to the attachment link and copy its full URL to the clipboard using the context menu (e.g., invoked via a right click or Shift+F10).

  • On a wiki page for sharing the document, reached as described above, paste the URL from the clipboard when defining the link.

Miscellaneous Notes

If CSUN speakers participate by sharing in this manner, then their digital learning aids will be available to benefit more people. Undoubtedly, there were more interested in their sessions than who could attend, especially given scheduling or financial constraints, so the ideas are thereby disseminated further. The approach helps to spread education about accessibility and increase its implementation.

This project is an experiment in a self-service system based on professional trust. Please post document links only if you were a speaker at the 2018 CSUN Assistive Technology Conference or if you are posting on behalf of a speaker.

Feel free to use (responsibly) other collaboration features of the CSUNATC18docs repository, e.g., by adding related content, subscribing to notifications, or cloning the wiki.

Document Files

Shared documents are periodically gathered and posted as an accessible collection of slides: