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# This is a script that is run every time you call "vagrant-spk dev".
# It is intended to do platform-and-repository-specific build steps. You
# might customize it to do any of the following, or more:
# - for Python, prepare a virtualenv and pip install -r requirements.txt
# - for PHP, call composer to retrieve additional packages
# - for JS/CSS/SASS/LESS, compile, minify, or otherwise do asset pipeline work.
# This particular script does nothing at present, but you should adapt it
# sensibly for your package.
# Checks if there's a composer.json, and if so, installs/runs composer.
set -eu
cd /opt/app/frontend
# install composer
if [ -f /opt/app/frontend/composer.json ] ; then
if [ ! -f composer.phar ] ; then
curl -sS | php
php composer.phar install
php composer.phar self-update
# Install paperwork's npm dependencies
npm install
# Install bower dependencies
bower install
# Run gulp to build static assets
# link storage folder
rm -rf /opt/app/frontend/app/storage
ln -s /var/storage /opt/app/frontend/app