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Looking for Trackmaster? Then nothing to see here! But there is alot to see here. May the tracker be with you.

Looking for Buff Master? Then nothing to see here! But there is alot to see here. Bars, bars everywhere!

You can download Aura Mastery here.

Aura Mastery is a powerful buff, debuff & ability tracker which can be used for effective PvE & PvP combat.

Aura Mastery basically allows you to setup Triggers so that certain Auras show up on your screen anyway and anyhow you like, with sounds and everything! This lets you see when certain things happen without needing to watch your UI.

Want to know when you've gained a certain buff? Sure thing! Just crit and didn't know it? You will now! See the Guides: CodeCopy, HUD & Aura Guide! section to get going.

To open the configuration window, type the command /am into the chat box.

The following Auras are currently supported:

  • Buffs
  • Debuffs
  • Cooldowns
  • On Critical
  • On Deflect
  • Resources
  • Health
  • Moment of Opportunity
  • Scriptable (Custom Triggers).
  • Keybind tracker (for tracking your own buffs and debuffs)
  • Limited action set checker.

You can also choose to show aura's based upon combat state and currently active action set.

Aura's can have their appearance changed to either have the associated spell icon, or a custom icon to be displayed. All available in-game sounds can currently be selected to be played when aura's are either shown or hidden. Custom sounds are hopefully coming soon!

Not seeing what you want here? Visit our To-do page to see if its on the list of upcoming changes!

Want to find a solution to your problem? If the guides do not help, or you have a general question about the addon, head on over to the Question and Answers page to see if it has already been asked and answered.

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