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A modbus master/slave simulator


  1. A windows desktop application

  2. Coded in C++ using .NET

  3. Option to simulate a master or a slave or both.

  4. Option to use serial port or TCP

  5. Option to use ASCII or RTU mode

  6. Able to configure serial port number and speed.

  7. Able to configure TCP address and port number ( NYI )

  8. All slaves are assumed to be on the same port

  9. Able to configure station numbers and register numbers that the slave will simulate.

  10. Able to send a read query to a specified station and register block. Values returned will be decoded and displayed.

  11. Able to send a write query to a specified station and register with a specified value.

  12. Display log of all communications sent and received

  13. Load configuration from or save to file. ( NYI )

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