Python client-side API for the Thor Bayesian optimization library.
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Thor Python Client

This repository contains the Thor Python Client, which is a client-side interface for Thor Server. The Thor Server and Thor Python Client together provide a light-weight and powerful architecture for Bayesian optimization in Python.


  1. Install dependent libraries with pip. pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Clone this repository. git clone
  3. Run the function to install the client-side software: python install
  4. Make sure you have signed up for an account with Thor.
  5. If you are using Thor for multiple projects, you could place the config.ini.example configuration file in your home directory as ~/.thorconfig.ini. The client will look first in the current directory, and then in your home directory.
  6. Edit your new config file to include your AUTH_TOKEN, available from your Thor server account, and the base_url of your Thor server. Note: leave the /api/{}/ portion of the base_url configuration parameter unchanged; just update the protocol, hostname, and port, if necessary.