Intuitive extensions and utilities to handle money in multiple currencies for Ruby on Rails
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cash_handler aims to be an intuitive (and useful) set of extensions and utilities to assist in handling money across different currencies for Ruby on Rails.

Requirements and Installation

  • Install the hpricot gem (gem install hpricot)
  • Install the cash_handler plugin (script/plugin install git://


  c =
  # Get the current exchange rate of the AUD against the USD (currency code strings are case in-sensitive, can also be symbols)
  => 0.619099
  # Get the current exchange rate of the AUD against the GBP
  c.get('AUD', :against => 'GBP')
  => 0.418621272567449
  # Convert
  c.convert(10, :aud, :usd)
  => 6.19099
  # Force the converstion rates cache to reload currencies
  # The CashHandler::Cache has a default cache life of one day, this can be overridden in one of two ways
  # Upon creation
  c = => 30.minutes)
  # During operation
  c.cache.ttl = 30.minutes

Backup rates in case is inaccessible

You may configure cash_handler to create a backup file every time it pulls rates from In the event that is inaccessible, the rates stored in the backup file will be used.

  # Configure cash_handler to persist rates to our app's log directory
  c = => "#{RAILS_ROOT}/tmp/rates.yml")

When working in a development or test environment with cache classes disabled, you may not want to fetch new rates with each request.

  # Will only force cache expiration on initialization => true) in a production environment.
  c = => Rails.env.production?)

Copyright and License

Copyright © 2008 James Brooks, released under the MIT license