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* FormHouse.php **
* **
* Project: Property Website **
* Developer: James Byrne **
* **
* email: **
* **
* **
class FormHouse extends Zend_Form{
//Set up the form fields with validation criteria
//Numbers must be numbers. On varchar fields we dont allow anything
//that is not a-z, A-Z, 0-9, ',' or '.'
public function init(){
$address = $this->createElement('text', 'tiAddress');
->addErrorMessage('Server Validation Invalid description.');
//$address->addValidator('Alnum', true, array('allowWhiteSpace' => true));
$address->addValidator('regex', false, array('/^[a-z_A-Z_0-9_._,]+/','messages'=>array(
'regexNotMatch'=>'Server Validation Regex Error:
You have used unauthorised characters in the address input.'
$address->addValidator('stringLength', false, array(0, 100,'messages'=>'Server
Validation stringlength error: Cannot be more than 100 chars'));
$asking = $this->createElement('text', 'tiAskingPrice');
//below - "true" on the validator kills the other validations after it.
//If false it will validate the regex and length methods. Need to force the
//Server Validation keywords
->addValidator('NotEmpty', true)
->addErrorMessage('Server Validation Invalid Asking Price.');
$asking->addValidator('regex', false, array('/^[0-9]+/',));
$asking->addValidator('stringLength', false, array(0, 100));
$description = $this->createElement('text', 'taDescription');
$description->addValidator('regex', false, array('/^[a-z_A-Z_,_._0-9]+/'));
$description->addValidator('stringLength', false, array(0, 300));
$description->addErrorMessage('Server Validation Invalid Description.');