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Launch-Soon is a Heroku-ready rails site that provides a viral launching soon page to collect users before your actual launch date.

You can deploy to Heroku, and immediately begin collecting email addresses in your MailChimp list. The site provides a unique URL to each user that signs up, which keeps track of how many people they refer. The referral count and code are also stored in your MailChimp list, so that you can segment your users based on their referrals.

Launch-Soon uses Foundation to provide you a fully responsive website with no extra effort.

You can see an example at

What You'll Need

  • A MailChimp account with a list named "Interested" and a couple custom fields
  • A Google Analytics Web Property ID (UA-#######-##)
  • A Twitter account

How To Get It Going

###Get the code

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Copy Launch-Soon locally with git clone launchsoon
  3. Change directory into Launch-Soon with cd launchsoon

###Configure MailChimp

  1. Get your MailChimp API Key by clicking the Add A Key button at and copying the key out of the API Key column
  2. Go to
  3. Click the Create List button
  4. Name the list anything you'd like, and the rest of the information is up to you as well
  5. Go back to, and select Settings from the List's pulldown on the far right
  6. Select List name & defaults
  7. Copy the List ID that's at the top of the right column
  8. Paste this text into the quotes for "MAILCHIMP_LIST_ID" within the config/initializers/launch_soon.rb file
  9. Go back to, and select Settings from the List's pulldown on the far right
  10. Select List fields and *|MERGE|* tags
  11. Change Field Labels to read:
  • Change First Name to Referral Code, and change FNAME to RCODE
  • Change Last Name to Referral Count, and change LNAME to RCOUNT

###Configure Launch-Soon

  1. Run rake secret and replace the secret_token in config/initializers/secret_token.rb with the result of this command
  2. Edit config/initializers/launch_soon.rb accordingly
  3. Optionally, replace app/assets/images/background.jpg with your own background image
  • Make sure your background image has the same filename, background.jpg
  • Your image should be fairly large (like 1280x800) to accommodate any size screen
  1. Optionally, replace public/favicon.ico with your own Favicon file

###Deploy it

  1. Commit your configuration changes with git add .; git commit -m "Update Config"
  2. Create your Heroku app with heroku create
  3. Deploy Launch-Soon to Heroku with git push heroku master

Other Info

Check out the doc/ file for more information.


A viral launching soon page to collect users before the actual launch date








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