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require 'sinatra'
require 'rack/ssl-enforcer'
require 'stripe'
use Rack::SslEnforcer, except_hosts: /$/, :except_environments => 'test'
set :publishable_key, ENV['STRIPE_PUBLISHABLE_KEY']
set :secret_key, ENV['STRIPE_SECRET_KEY']
Stripe.api_key = settings.secret_key
set :facebook_link, '' # Your Facebook URL
set :homepage, '' # The URL for your main site, not the Donoku site
set :image_link, '' # The image to use in Stripe's Checkout popup
set :statement, 'You should donate because reasons.' # An optional paragraph to display above the Donation box
set :price1, 5 # Donation Price Option
set :price2, 10 # Donation Price Option
set :price3, 20 # Donation Price Option
set :price1_value, 'runs the server for a week' # What the donation accomplishes
set :price2_value, 'runs the server for a month' # What the donation accomplishes
set :price3_value, 'runs the server for a year' # What the donation accomplishes
set :reason, 'You are awesome' # Short reason for people to donate, displayeyd in Donation box
set :site_name, 'Donoku' # Your site's name
set :subheader, 'Donate' # Subheader for the Donoku site
set :twitter_link, '' # Your Twitter URL
get '/' do
erb :index
post '/donate' do
@params = params
customer = Stripe::Customer.create(email: params[:stripeEmail],
description: params[:description],
card: params[:stripeToken])
Stripe::Charge.create(amount: params[:price], description: 'Donoku Charge', currency: 'usd', customer: customer)
erb :donate