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Vultr CLI and API client library, written in Go



Everybody likes screenshots, even of command line tools.. 😄


$ export VULTR_API_KEY=87dFbC91rJjkL/18zJEQxS
  • Run it
$ vultr version
Client version:         2.0.3
Vultr API endpoint:
Vultr API version:      v1
OS/Arch (client):       linux/amd64
Go version:             go1.16

Installation via brew

Homebrew users can install by:

$ brew install vultr

Installation from source

  • Install the latest version of Go
  • Make sure your GOPATH is set
  • Add $GOPATH/bin to your PATH
  • Use "go get" to download, compile and install the source
$ go get
  • Export your Vultr API key into a VULTR_API_KEY env variable. You can get the API key from the admin panel
$ export VULTR_API_KEY=89dFbb91rGjkL/12zJEQxS
  • Run it
$ vultr version
Client version:         2.0.3
Vultr API endpoint:
Vultr API version:      v1
OS/Arch (client):       linux/amd64
Go version:             go1.16


Vultr CLI is a command line tool for using the Vultr API. It allows you to create and manage your virtual machines, SSH public keys, snapshots and startup scripts on your Vultr account. You can also use it to directly SSH into a Vultr virtual machine through the vultr ssh command.

Here a some usage examples:

show help text for a command
$ vultr snapshot --help
Usage: vultr snapshot  COMMAND [arg...]

modify snapshots

  create       create a snapshot from an existing virtual machine
  delete       delete a snapshot
  list         list all snapshots on current account

Run 'vultr snapshot COMMAND --help' for more information on a command

list available plans for region
$ vultr plans -r 9
VPSPLANID NAME                                VCPU  RAM   DISK  BANDWIDTH PRICE
30        1024 MB RAM,20 GB SSD,2.00 TB BW    1     1024  20    2.00      7.00
29        768 MB RAM,15 GB SSD,1.00 TB BW     1     768   15    1.00      5.00
3         2048 MB RAM,40 GB SSD,3.00 TB BW    2     2048  40    3.00      15.00
28        8192 MB RAM,120 GB SSD,5.00 TB BW   4     8192  120   5.00      70.00
27        4096 MB RAM,65 GB SSD,4.00 TB BW    2     4096  65    4.00      35.00

add SSH public key
$ vultr sshkey create -n sampleKey --key="$(cat ~/.ssh/"
SSH key create success!

SSHKEYID        NAME        KEY
24c81f53be692   sampleKey   ssh-rsa AAAB3NzaC1yc2EQABAQClpsNAM+huOB2dpxM..

create new virtual machine
$ vultr server create -n "test-server" -r 9 -p 29 -o 127
Virtual machine create success!

SUBID           NAME            DCID    VPSPLANID       OSID
1685097         test-server     9       29              127

show information about virtual machine
$ vultr server show 1685097
Id (SUBID):             1685097
Name:                   test-server
Operating system:       CentOS 6 x64
Status:                 active
Power status:           running
Location:               Frankfurt
Region (DCID):          9
VCPU count:             1
RAM:                    768 MB
Disk:                   Virtual 15 GB
Allowed bandwidth:      1000
Current bandwidth:      0
Cost per month:         5.00
Pending charges:        0.01
Plan (VPSPLANID):       29
Internal IP:
#1 IPv6 IP:
#1 IPv6 Network:        ::
#1 IPv6 Network Size:   0
Created date:           2015-02-08 12:36:36
Default password:       sbiecxo8yk!5
Auto backups:           no
KVM URL:      

SSH into virtual machine
$ vultr ssh 1685097
Welcome to Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.13.0-37-generic x86_64)

 * Documentation:
Last login: Thu Oct 16 21:49:35 2014 from