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Finance Library

This folder contains the Finance Library Bundle code and documentation on usage.

This was written for the 2013 Bundle competition by Jim DeFabia, Richard Taylor, and Bob Foreman.

The HPCC Finance Library bundle is a collection of commonly used financial operations. These financial functions can be used to calculate loan terms, create amortization tables, determine the present or future value of money, and many other operations.

Once you install the bundle, you can call these functions in a similar manner as the standard library functions. This allows you to save time by calling a single function instead of writing code to do the calculations.

Install the individual bundle file or directory using the ecl command line options:

For example:

ecl bundle install Finance

For more information about the bundle commands in the ecl command line tool, see the `HPCC Client Tools Manual`_

For more information about how to create an Ecl bundle, see the Ecl Bundle Writer's Guide.