An OpenGL 3D visualizer for the room data found in the NES title "Solstice" written in C# using the OpenTK framework
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SolsticeVisualizer 2008.sln


This project is a simple technology demo I hacked up over a weekend to read the "rooms" data
from the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System (TM)) title, "Solstice," and to display them in
a hardware-accelerated 3D representation using the OpenTK library for .NET.

It can be used as a base for a retro project to bring Solstice back to life or simply as
a mapping tool to aid playing through the original game.


    * OpenTK library (
    * NES Solstice ROM image

    In order for this project to show you anything interesting, you must obtain a copy of the
    "Solstice (U).nes" ROM image yourself. Do not ask me where to find one nor ask me to give
    you a copy. You must own a copy of the original cartridge in order for a backup ROM copy
    to be legal. I am not a lawyer and my knowledge on the subject is limited.

    You can use Visual Studio to build the project with the included solution file. You may have
    to re-add the reference to OpenTK using your own local installation paths.

    If you do not have Visual Studio, you can open a simple CMD prompt and:
        1) run 'setvars.cmd' to set up the PATH environment variable
        2) edit the 'build.cmd' script to point the OPENTK variable to the correct installed path
        2) run the 'build.cmd' script

    The built binaries will be copied to the bin\Release\ folder.

    You must copy the "Solstice (U).nes" ROM image to the bin\Release\ folder.

    Once the project is successfully built, change directory to bin\Release\ and execute MainWindow.exe.
    Use the arrow keys and PgUp/PgDn to move throughout the rooms.