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A simple Go HTTP server to replace lighttpd's default file browser and downloader interface with additional features.


  • Adds custom sort ability via two methods
    • Create a dummy file in the directory named .index-sort containing a single line with the value **sort-method**
    • Supply ?sort=**sort-method** query-string parameter in request (overrides dummy file)
    • Folders are always sorted to display before files
    • Available sorting methods:
      • name-asc sorts by file name in ascending order (default)
      • name-desc sorts by file name in descending order
      • date-asc sorts by last modified time in ascending order
      • date-desc sorts by last modified time in descending order
  • 302 redirect support for relative symlinks
    • Requests for symlinks will 302 redirect to the target file (or folder) if that target is found within the filesystem root jail.


./index-html <listen socket type> <listen address> <web root> <accel redirect> <filesystem root>

Starts a Go HTTP server listening on a socket of type <listen socket type at <listen address> expecting HTTP requests for paths starting with <web root>, serving requests for directory listings and/or file downloads for filesystem objects found under <filesystem root>. <accel redirect> is used to provide the X-Accel-Redirect header with the root path for nginx to pick up on.

chroot is not used to provide the filesystem root jail due to cross-platform compatibility concerns.


An upstart script index-html.conf is included to daemonize index-html and redirect the stderr log to a system log file.