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  • Updated devDependencies and License info to package.json
  • Dropped Node v0.4 support (previously tested fine but no longer testing it)
  • Cleaned up implementation similar to the Luhn package.
  • Added Browserify Support
  • Updated Travis environments to v0.6-v0.12
  • package version -> 2.0.1


  • Merged in code refactoring from Roman Shtylman
  • Updated Contributors in package.json and primary
  • package version -> 1.0.5


  • Added client-install npm script to begin streamlining client-side install
  • Added install and update npm scripts to provide a notification on how to install ABAValidator for client-side use.
  • package version -> 1.0.4


  • Updated package to use keywords instead of tags
  • package version -> 1.0.3
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